My Sales Have Gone Up by Triple Digits

Using seo in Philippines has led to a triple digit increase in the amount of our products sold online. I’m not kidding when I say triple digits, either. Our sales have gone up over three hundred percent since I hired a firm to make sure new customers can see our site online when they do a search. If you’d told me that we could have such a huge increase, I would have laughed in your face. I didn’t think it was possible to increase sales by that much, but then again I didn’t understand ecommerce all that well.

We sell a range of herbal supplements that treat the body and mind. They’re a good replacement for using synthetic drugs prescribed by the doctors, and they treat a range of conditions. We have herbs that can help with diabetes, heart disease, gout, muscle ailments, lung conditions, and bad eyesight. I could go on and on about all the compounds we have that can really help people feel better and live longer. The problem is that we sold them out of a brick and mortar store and didn’t have a big customer base until we decided to create a site.

Flash forward six months and I have to expand my business. We can’t keep our compounds and treatments in stock because they’re flying off the shelf to people around the world. I regularly get orders from places I’ve never even heard about before. I’ve had to hire more workers and expand our production facilities in order to keep up with the rising demand. So not only did search engine optimization improve my bottom line, it’s literally led to other people getting well paying jobs and people the world over getting much needed relief for their various problems. It’s a win win all around as far as I can see.